Gallery: Taormina

Our journey complete, we settled in for a few well-earnt days relaxation in Taormina. Given its lofty cliffside perch, most days we did not venture outside of town – often we didn’t stray far from the hotel’s roof terrace! But Taormina is well suited to a few days’ isolation, with a dense collection of pretty side-streets that invite exploration, and a variety of lookout points to broaden your view when desired. We did take a closer look at Isola Bella, via a cablecar down to the shore; as well as checking out the site of the Greek theatre (on a rare overcast day!) and the communal gardens. Nor were we able to resist the call of Mt. Etna, steaming away in the background. But our main focus was on sampling as many Sicilian delicacies as possible, with several trips across town conveniently ending up at a favoured cannoli specialist!