The Honeymoon Tour

For our honeymoon, Alaina and I went to Taormina, Sicily: but we spent over a week getting there, taking trains through The Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland and then along the length of Italy. I’ve been slowly but steadily backdating the blog with coverage of those journeys, and some of the destinations along the way; the tale is now complete, arranged across the following posts:

  • The travel itinerary is covered in two parts. The first has all the planning details, with tips on booking, prices, and alternative routes should you want to try something similar. The second describes how it all went, with an emphasis on the actual train trips.
  • There were three locations that we picked out for extended visits, and I’ve pulled together photo galleries (and a few notes) for each: Zurich, Verona, and Taormina.
  • We also found the time for some side trips: to Pompeii whilst travelling through Naples; and to Mt. Etna once we’d made it to Taormina.
  • Finally, some of the train rides were attractions were in their own right. In particular, the Bernina Express route across the Alps warranted an extended writeup (but there’s a couple of other treats to be found in the main post).

I also produced an alternative account for FlyerTalk; that version takes a simpler chronological approach. As usual, it’s enriched by comments from the community – feel free to share your own thoughts there too!