Trip Report: Barra beach landing

Between exams and my dissertation, I treated myself to a short holiday; I also felt that I’d neglected Scotland beyond Edinburgh since my return last year. So I decided to visit a region I hadn’t tried before – the Outer Hebrides. Largely this was to check off an entry in my travel bucket list- the beach landing at Barra airport. A three night stay gave me plenty of time to explore both Barra and nearby Vatersay; the airport turns out to be just one of many remarkable beaches to be found on their shores. Armed with my first ever OS map and a serious backpack I was able to rack up plenty of hiking as well.

For all things aviation-geekery, see my Flyertalk report; it covers Edinburgh – Glasgow by train; the Flybe lounge at Glasgow airport; flights GLA-BRR and back on Loganair’s tiny Twin Otter; the oddities of Barra’s tiny airport; and my accommodation on the island. Alternatively, the other posts here on The Great Affair cover my non-flying antics in more depth, with a lighter look at the flights and airport. The choice is yours!

As a bonus, here’s a further video of a takeoff from Barra that wasn’t ready for the original reports: