TripAdvisor and Instagram

Given how long it takes me to put together report for here or Flyertalk, I’ve been looking for more timely ways to share my travels. So I’ve decided to try and review everywhere I go in 2016 via TripAdvisor. This will allow for more short form content and attractions / photographs that don’t make the cut for a full report, and also means I can be more selective in what I cover with those. Reviewing is proving to be a somewhat different exercise than reporting, so it’ll be interesting to see how my rating style plays out through the year. Plus I look forward to a complicated map emerging! My profile page is here. Similarly, I’ve been trying instagram as an addition to flickr for photo sharing, but am now trying to use it for teasers of upcoming collections by posting during trips. My account is euler tourist – although it’s not purely travel related! In a way, both will act as trailers for upcoming content – so if you spot something you want to hear more about, let me know.