Transcontinental – Flyertalk version

As is customary, I have taken two different approaches in documenting my transcontinental adventure (as is equally customary, it’s taken me half a year to do so…) Over on Flyertalk I have just finished posting an exhaustive chronological account. Spanning some 22,000 words, that includes a few topics I omitted here – most notably, reporting on all the various hotel stays – and functions as more of a journal.

Conversely, if you’ve arrived here from the forum, my earlier posts on this site try to summarise related aspects of the trip. In particular, I have separated a tour of the train from accounts of the journey and the stops, so you can tailor your experience depending on how much of a railfan you are 🙂 . It’s also much easier to host photos here, so there is an extensive collection of galleries to be found in the trip category. Finally, I also covered all the flights together.

This one seemed to spark some conversations, and I’m always happy to hear from readers, so if you’d like to leave a comment, please do so over on Flyertalk!