The Golden Gate Bridge

With my body clock still making its way across the Atlantic, I was able to maximise my limited sightseeing time by getting up at 5:30am. Half an hour later I was making use of a hard-won breakfast voucher at Starbucks, where despite the time there was already a sizeable queue.

I lost some of my time advantage trying to figure out the buses: Golden Gate Transit do have subtle markers at bus stops to confirm that something will be stopping there, but no indication of which routes, or in which direction. Thankfully I’m able to leech some wifi on, of all things, my ipod to get confirmation of where to join the number ten route. Headed, of course, for the obvious place to start a first day – the Golden Gate Bridge.

The early hour and season might go some way to explaining it, but I was amazed that once I passed the first tower, I didn’t encounter another pedestrian until reaching its matching number on the Marin side. Still, that just made it easier for me to linger over photo opportunities, even taking the time to set up the tripod and work some magic with a neutral density filter.

I had naively assumed that there would be somewhere to get food on the far side, but in the immediate vicinity of the bridge there’s just parking, a view point and some bathrooms. Thus I felt it best to repeat the crossing promptly rather than plough on to Sausalito; although I did take the time for an elevated view from the headlands first.

On a return visit, I’d like to ditch most of the camera gear and hire a bike for some extra range. But if like me you opt for over-and-back in a morning, skip the temptation of hotdogs from the Roundhouse and push that little bit further on down to the Warming Hut Cafe for lunch. You’ll have earnt it! The area around Fort Point and Torpedo Wharf also offers plenty of photographic opportunities, and I was happy of the chance to soak in some winter sun for a while.

(You can find a few more pictures from the bridge and nearby in the gallery for SF.)